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Barra da Lagoa, Florianópolis/SC

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At 10 meters from CAMPING DA BARRA you will find supermarket, bus stop and telephone. And within a radius of 100 meters bakery, pharmacy, restaurant, pizzeria, gas station, internet, surf shop and laundry.

In Florianopolis, near Lagoa da Conceição, the beaches of Barra da Lagoa, Mole, Galheta, Joaquina,

Moçambique and embark to the Ilha do Campeche.

Barra canal

Barra canal acts as the artery that oxygenates and renews the water of the lagoon of Conceição, predominantly sweet and brackish up to that moment.

From Wikipedia

Conceição Lagoon

It is a Brazilian lagoon located east of the Island of Santa Catarina, in Florianopolis.

From Wikipedia

Barra da Lagoa beach

It receives each year a greater number of tourists and is considered one of the most important beaches of Florianopolis. In it there is the encounter of a river that forms the connection of the Sea with the Conceição lagoon, counting on an exotic lighthouse at the end of the beach. From Wikipedia

Mole Beach

Mole beach is an open-ocean beach in Florianopolis. It is located on the east of Santa Catarina Island, near Lagoa da Conceição. With an extension of 960 meters, the sand strip has an average width of 10 to 75 m.

From Wikipedia

Natural Pools/Barra da Lagoa

Indulge in a swim or diving in natural pools and still enjoy the beautiful scenery and the warmth of nature. It’s a unique moment of leisure. The paradisiacal nook is on the beach of Barra da Lagoa. From Wikipedia

Galheta Beach

Galheta beach is an open sea beach located to the east of Santa Catarina Island, in Florianopolis, capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. It is an optional nudist beach. One of the most famous beaches of nudism in Brazil, it attracts different types of goers. From Wikipedia

Joaquina Beach

Joaquina Beach is an oceanic beach in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, in the east of the island of Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. The point sought by surfers, has hosted some world surfing championships. From Wikipedia

Moçambique Beach

The beach of Moçambique is located in the northeast of the Island of Santa Catarina, municipality of Florianopolis, facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most extensive beach in Florianopolis and one of the largest in Santa Catarina. Its 8.5km of clear, soft sand guarantees unspoilt natural beauty. It is part of the Rio Vermelho Forest Park. From Wikipedia


Florianopolis, "The Magic Island", capital of the state of Santa Catarina, offers many leisure options. Paradisiac beaches, lagoons, dunes, trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, perfect for practicing sports in and out of water.  From Wikipedia